For who does it work

Our technology and products are true multi-talents. They work for those, being responsible for OTC or nutraceutical brands (e.g. wishing to replace their portfolio with ethical and sensorial better products), or for pharmaceutical brands (e.g. wishing to offer another delivery form to tablets and liquids),  but also for confectionery brand owners who wish to build up a new business or simply offer better starch products. And we assume it will work for any other businesses who wish to profit from a fast growing market, too.

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How does it work

We do not intend to manufacture or sell our own products or brands in the confectionery, nutraceutical or pharma industries. We are happy to either integrate your idea or your ingredients with our technology and create your own product. Alternatively, you may profit from standard products under your on label or you may want to license either our technology or a specific type of formulation.

Business Models

We're entrepreneurs! Hence, we're open to consider any other or closer form of co-operation which leads to a win-win situation.