Patented new LTM technology

iNNutriGEL developed and designed the Low Temperature Mogul (LTM) technology. It is a new, unique and patented process which is lean, robust, fully automated and works with existing Mogul technology. Opposite to current manufacturing processes, the casting mass is mixed at room temperature, thus enabling a broader range of functional ingredients to be processed. The bulk consists of SuperStarch®, glucose syrup and natural colors and flavors.

LTM Technical Scheme

Technical Scheme: LTM process unit and depositor of a mogul plant
SuperStarch® (1) and syrup (4) are constantly fed into a continuous mixer (3) by a gravimetric feeder (2) and a liquid pump (5). The continuous mixer blends the two components to a homogenous fluid and pumps it into a pipe system. Along the pipe colorants and flavors are fed (6 and 7) into the fluid, which is homogenized by a static mixer (8). A pressure compensating device (9) regulates the flow of the casting mass between the preparation unit and the depositor (10) of the mogul plant.

All the technology is patented and includes the following patent applications:

  • IP: WO 2007/128150 Low temp. mogul Process
  • IP: WO 2010/072847 Low temp. mogul Process and also the confectionary articles producible by this process

Manufacturing hubs

Go to Website of Johannes LühdersOur vision is to see as many manufacturing hubs around the globe. Hubs which are run by entrepreneurs who share our vision to offer better and ethical products. In case you are an interested manufacturer, don't hesitate to contact us.

Currently, Soft Gums™ are manufactured by Johannes Lühders KG which is a well-known and trusted confectionery manufacturer, founded 1909 and based close to Hamburg, Northern Germany. Since 1998, Johannes Lühders manages the company in the third generation. In 2000, the company relocated from Hamburg to Stelle, where it could move into a modern building. In summer 2017, our LTM technology has been installed to a new mogul line.

Learn more on video

Here's a short introduction video on the technology, the background and the history (2013, Duration: 5'10")

Auxiliary Expertise of industry leaders

We're experts in technology. As such we're also experienced in development of formulations. When it comes to ingredients, we count on professionel expertise of leading ingredient and health benefit suppliers. Quite a few of our product development has been taken place in co-operation with these experts. Here's a selection of our development partners:


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