The Gummy is Challenging the Pill


Awareness for dietary supplements is constantly rising and of course the tablet is still the leading format within the «health» category. However, when it comes to nutrition, the gummies - for the first time (!) - trend more than capsules (stable) and pills (declining). Read more in our December News Digest.

Reviewed Concept Presentation


We've been working on the presentation of our Soft Gums™ concept. In case you need a slide by slide walk through, click to read more and to download the presentation.

Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, meat eater?


At iNNutriGEL we welcome all lifestyles, but we think there's no reason to eat gummies with animal-waste gelatin if there is an alternative. Want to get involved in the discussion? Visit e.g. the British Vegan Society. Here's a fun fact: Ever wondered why the World Vegan Day is celebrated at November 1st? The Chairwomen of the British Vegan Society, Louise Wallis, said in 2011: «[…] so I decided to go for 1 November, partly because I liked the idea of this date coinciding with Halloween and the Day of the Dead […].»

Gummies are the strongest growth driver

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In 2015, a senior official of a leading food supplement brand owner, told that «by far the largest source of growth for the category is the gummy delivery form, growing at a plus 20% rate […]». We've attended a professional conference recently where this trend was backed up by current 2017 Nielsen Data.

Talk to us at «CPhI» or «Fi» Trade Show

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If you wish to talk to us during your visit at either CPhI or FiE trade show, please get in touch with us. We won't be exhibiting on our own, but to have a chat, taste a Soft Gum™ and discuss potential projects, the coffee bar and meeting facilites work well enough. We'd be happy to see you in Frankfurt.

Experience K2 Soft Gums

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In co-operation with Kappa Bioscience, iNNutriGEL has applied its innovative Soft Gums™ as a vitamin K2 delivery form. Vitamin K2 is critical for bone health and is especially important in childhood.

Innovation in Delivery Formats for Nutraceuticals

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Dr. Susann Fellendorf, Project Manager at iNNutriGEL Ltd, has published an article on Innovation in Delivery Formats for Nutraceuticals. The article was published on the Vitafoods Insights Blog.

Press review on iNNutriGEL Ltd.

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As probably most small entrepreneurs, we're proud when the press considers our innovative technology to be relevant enough to write about. Here's a selection of articles, published in the past years. It's about the company, our technology and about the background and history.

For some, swallowing is an issue

Swallowing problem

According a survey of Harris Interactive Inc. for Schwarz Pharma in 2003, 40% of patients in need of regular supplement intake do have swallowing problems. If swallowing capsules, tablets and pills is a serious issue for you, read on to find a few links which may help dealing with it.

What you should know about gelatin


Gelatin is made of animal waste, of leftover bones and skins. Can you think of a reason why consumers should eat gelatin if there is an alterantive? We think there is no reason. Here's a collection of links to third-party information about gelatin. Be careful, some readers may find this information disturbing.